Case Studies

How small films can have a big impact on a business

In the 30 odd years that I’ve been writing advertisements, one of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how every business I look at has the most amazing success stories to tell. Sadly most of these stories remain untold, not only to the general public, but also to staff.

Testimonials – the magic lies between the questions

I have learned in making videos of testimonials to always keep the camera rolling, often the little asides that people make between the questions is where the magic is. This is where the truth comes out.

Where do creative ideas come from?

One of the questions creative people are always asked is “where do you get all your ideas from?”

Burning a brand into long-term memory

Often when we are creating a large campaign for a client that involves a change of position for the business and a refocusing on what they really have to offer, I find it useful to create a manifesto.

The microphone can be more powerful than the camera.

In this video for the Thomas Kelly youth Foundation, both men and women went for the tissues, there was a gender they could easily empathise with and their heartbreak and determination is clear for all to hear.