Project Description

One of the questions creative people are always asked is “where do you get all your ideas from?”

Some creative people steal ideas, but they soon run out of material. The ones who last in the creative business know that ideas always come from the client.

Normally it’s the result of trying to solve a problem.

My friend Monica, who owns Pelle – a recycled designer label shoe store, asked if I’d document a shoemaker who was making shoes in the front window of the store during the Windsor Street Festival, I jumped at the chance, because I had a new camera I wanted to try out.

Videos that have interesting material are always more watched and more shared than sales pitches, and watching a shoemaker in action, particularly a pretty one like Victoria Chu, is always going to draw a crowd, as it did on the day and has done since online.

But being an advertising person first and a filmmaker second I couldn’t help but look for an angle to turn this into a promotional piece for both parties.

The problem was Monica didn’t sell Victoria’s shoes.

This is the kind of problem creative people love to come across because the harder it is to make a connection the more interesting and memorable the finished product will be.

It won’t be obvious or predictable, and like all good ideas it will come from the client.

In the end it all came down to one word, LIVE.