Project Description

Often when we are creating a large campaign for a client that involves a change of positioning for the business and a refocusing on what they really have to offer, I find it useful to create a manifesto. It clarifies my thinking and very often inspires the people within the business and gives them a clear purpose of why they come to work every day.

Organisations that have a purpose and a passion make my job of selling them easy, but very often the people in the business are so close to it and so focused on the day to day running of it, they can’t see what makes them special. Having worked with thousands of businesses I know exactly where to look for marketing “nuggets”.

Padraig O’Sullivan has a very clear understanding of the value he brings to his customers at O’Sullivan Field and was keen to articulate that. So like many of my clients he wrote a script. Frankly it was pretty damn good, and I’m sure any video production company could have created a great video from it. But one of the things I have learned from years in advertising is that every communication has to work on multiple levels and across numerous time frames. Someone will watch your video today, but may not have need of your services for months.

That’s why I always look for a devise that burns the brand into long-term memory, something ‘sticky”. In O’Sullivan Fields case, Padraig had developed a logo with the overlapping initials O and F in different colours. Together they form the word OF, so I inserted the word OF wherever I could in the Manifesto and treated the letters in the same colours are the logo. As you watch the manifesto, the world OF really stands out, and the viewer’s curiosity is piqued. At the end when it is revealed why OF was in odd colours there is an “ah hah” moment and my job is done, O’Sullivan Field has been burnt into memory.