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the unfilmmakers.

Lightbulb films are not your typical filmmakers.

We’re storytellers who happen to make short films because they’re the most powerful way to tell a story today.

With a multi award winning advertising background we know the power of a thoughtful strategy and a compelling idea.

We know it’s far more important to find the right angle on your story than the right camera angle.

Ideas drive change.

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YouTube has changed everything.

Like many people, you’re probably getting most of your information today from YouTube videos. YouTube is the most popular search tool after Google. You’re seeing videos on just about every website, Facebook wall even on office intranets, email, conferences and training courses. But they’re not everywhere; it just looks that way. Content marketing videos are so engaging and immersive you remember them and if they’re good, you share them with all your friends.

Pages with videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s results than pages with text only.

How our clients use videos to change their world.

  • Website videos

  • Staff training/recruitment

  • Social change programs

  • New product “explainer”

  • Corporate change launch

  • New business pitch

  • Testimonials

  • Event recording

  • CEO announcement

  • Conference opener

Online videos that really work have a number of things in common:

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A great strategy

stringing a few well-shot images together won’t hold a viewers attention, much less convince them to act. At Lightbulb films before we pick up a camera we take the time to analyze what you really need to say.
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A big idea

Kevin Best is a multi award winning advertising writer and internationally exhibited photographer, he knows the power of a big idea and how to tell a story that motivates people to act.
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High production values

the more expensive looking your content marketing video, the more substantial and trustworthy you appear. But we live in an exciting time where high production values don’t require a big budget.
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A selling formula

the very few really successful online videos use the same formula to attract attention, hold the viewers and convince them to act. It’s not a secret formula but it’s a tragedy so few filmmakers use it.

Image is all.

Just as attractive people are more likely to succeed in love and in business, a professional looking video will give your business the “halo effect”. Studies have shown that high quality corporate videos make a company or organization seem more trustworthy and credible. Kickstarter asks people to invest in totally unknown companies for products that haven’t even been made yet. By using videos to tell the story, start-ups have raised well over a billion dollars.



A team of one

Most of the time Lightbulb films is one person, Kevin Best. When a job requires other skills he calls on his contacts amassed over many years in advertising. This means overheads are very low and costs are kept to a minimum.

The man behind lightbulb films is a rare beast. Kevin Best is a multi award-winning copywriter, with an amazing eye. His photographs are exhibited in New York, London, Paris, and Berlin etc. and have featured in many photography journals. Kevin has lectured on advertising strategy in Europe, Asia and America and was instrumental in one of the largest research studies ever conducted on advertising effectiveness. He co-authored a training course at The Australian Film Television and Radio School. He has been the National Creative Director of Australia’s top two radio networks, and has worked alongside all the leading advertising agencies in Australia working on the top brands. As a filmmaker he has created projects ranging from highly successful pitches, to carefully crafted explainer videos. All the videos on this site were filmed, edited and animated by Kevin.

Sometimes you need a little more.

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We have associates who are gifted at creating logos and branding material so your content marketing has a polished look that reflects your brand, and like Lightbulb films they do it at a very good price.
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Video channels

We can create highly interactive websites to deliver your videos seamlessly.
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Media training

Lightbulb films have experienced experts on tap to train you and your staff on how to perform confidently on camera.


“It has been a pleasure working with Lightbulb films. Passionate and professional, they set about their work with minimum fuss, and a good eye for detail. Their contributions to content helped shape key messages in a fun and engaging way. Excellent value for money, the videos they produced have gone viral within our business, building a sense of connectedness and pride among staff. I would happily recommend their services to others.” - Steve Keys, Software AG. Chief Operating Officer, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East & Turkey Member of the Software AG Global Executive Board

Unlike previous exercises where creativity suffered because of time constrains, working with Kevin and his team was a pleasant and painless experience.
In our case time was of the essence and due to the quick comprehension of the team, we needed only one briefing call followed by one storyboard review.
The project was delivered with a stunning result. The take up and feedback from the market was fantastic.
We are looking forward to our next encounter with Lightbulb Films.
Luigi van Geest, Executive Vice President International, Roundcube.
Kevin has an uncanny ability to take complicated concepts and distil them to their essence. He makes it look so simple, but I know that kind of clarity only comes from decades of working with thousands of clients. He then weaves his creative magic and polishes each project to a high gloss.

I am a huge fan of his work, he created all the videos on our site, he has created powerpoint presentations for us that not only look beautiful but are more focused.

I have no hesitation in recommending him and have done so on many occasions. He has changed my business for the better.

Padraig O'Sullivan, O'Sullivan Field
Kevin, I can’t thank you enough for your help

You have no idea how powerful your videos were in engaging the 600 that came to show their support.

Clover, Prue, Malcolm and Lucy were truly taken by your videos, as were all in the room. They did their job and much more. Your CCTV video inspired the discussion with Clover and Prue Goward about communicating “safety” within our streets.

I think we raised close to $500,000 thanks to you and I believe we engaged a whole group to go out into the community and stimulate change.

I take my hat off to you Kevin, without you we couldn’t have done this.

David Anstee, Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation
Lightbulb Films delivered me exactly what I was after. Working with Kevin was a breeze and he grasped the objectives of the project quickly and worked tirelessly to deliver us our vision.

If you’re looking for someone to communicate your professional message to a public audience, then look no further than Lightbulb Films

Darren Hill, Pragmatic Thinking
Kevin was fantastic. He is not only a great cameraman and editor; he was extremely helpful during the shoot itself giving me really useful feedback on what to say and how to say it. I was thrilled with the final result.
David Wurth, Wurth HR
Our whole team is absolutely delighted and impressed with the video and all the work you have done to make it perfect. We couldn’t be happier with the result and how successfully you translated our vision. We’re looking forward to the next project.

Sophie Francis, Langley Group Training